Company Holiday Party

The first party I can remember planning was a surprise 11th birthday party for my best friend Hannah and her twin Myles. I’ve always loved coordinating events and wish I would have gotten a jump start on doing them professionally sooner than now but I am grateful that I finally have my dream job : ) Since working as an event coordinator at Precoa I’ve been able to help plan a handful of company events (including a Halloween runway show!) but this holiday party is the best and biggest to date! There are a lot of details to plan and implement for a formal event with 216 people but I loved every second of the process!

We decided to embrace the Northwest as our theme and created a glamorous Christmas tree lot! Inside this tent we had 35 real, locally grown trees and each tree went home with an employee.IMG_5263_1

Next to each place setting we set a gourmet carmel, chocolate and cinnamon sugar pretzel rod. These desserts are delicious but take a while to make when you need 216 of them : ) We hand made them all.


Lucas and I made this arrow sign and the photo backdrop below. We’re addicted to DIY projects.







Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.48.52 PM copy

3W9A1931_2While planning for this event I learned how to use SketchUp, a software that allows you to lay out an event or building in 3D. I’m excited to use this for future events!

OGC Christmas


Christmas Card Photos…

On our way downtown to take Christmas card pictures on a bridge we accidentally found this railroad track surrounded by the last of the fall colored leaves. So we pulled over into something I’m sure was an illegal parking spot and snapped some pictures!

Our final card is at the bottom : )IMG_5073_1



The Hawthorne Bridge




Of course we had to go to lunch after so we chose Podnah’s.

It’s one of the best BBQ restaurants in Portland : )




Christmas Back5


IMG_5247_1Happy Thanksgiving from Geri, Bill, Martha, Dillon, Alyssa, Jill, Lucas, Melanie, Kyle, Payton, Jack, Toby and Melky!



IMG_5226_1Martha and I made apple pies and Lucas helped me make the pumpkin pies : )

IMG_5228_1Pumpkins, paper flowers and leaves/pinecones from outside as our decor around the apartment Bill and Martha rented downtown.

IMG_5234_1Martha made these tree stump plate stands!


Rogue River

This will probably be the longest blog post of my life due to an insane amount of pictures. Next time I break down a 3-day trip into a few posts : )

Martha and Bill met us (Kyle, Dillon, Lucas and me) in southern Oregon at the Rogue River for a 3 day raft trip. The trip was amazing. I thought for sure I’d get hypothermia or something horrible because of the cold water but I survived and was warm almost the entire time! Right before we left we found a cheap women’s wetsuit on craigslist and it was my lifesaver. Other than sleeping, I wore it the all day every day. Thanks to a handy water-tight box that Martha brought on this trip I was able to keep my phone with me and take pictures the entire time! Sadly the box wasn’t big enough for my DSLR so iPhone photos is all I have. But I’m so happy I was able to take pictures at all! This was a great trip!

Below you’ll see a yurt. I didn’t know what one was until Martha said we would be staying in one the night before our trip so I googled it. We’re all fans. Yurt camping is the best camping : )IMG_0513_1



IMG_0530_1Matching rain jackets!



IMG_0557_1He’s so handsome.



The water is really clear but the massive walls of green trees reflected make the water look green. I wish I could capture this place as my eyes saw it. I guess we’ll just have to visit again!IMG_0569_1The first catch of the trip!

IMG_0575_1Poor Kyle had to hold the neck of his dry suit out to stretch it so it wouldn’t cut off his circulation.

IMG_0585_1The first day on the river we enjoyed light rain all afternoon. Late afternoon we started looking for a good place to set up camp and by the time we found one and were unloading boats/setting up camp it was raining hard. (And by we I mean I tried to be helpful but the Brook brothers did the majority of the work.) Once camp was nearly finished, Kyle found a freshly dead deer 10 feet away from our cooking area and tents. It was hidden by a large rock or we would have seen it sooner. In efforts to not be bear food, we quickly packed everything back onto the boat and found a new camp site on the other side of the river. Just after we finished setting up the second camp site the rain calmed down. The above photo is the drying rack Dillon and Lucas made that night.

IMG_0586_1Then we woke up to this :)

IMG_0593_1If you raft down the Rogue River I highly recommend you stop and check out this cabin. The wood colors are neat and you can peak through the windows and see old furniture/bed frame/etc! Look at the charming crooked door : )






IMG_0625_1This wetsuit we found on Craiglist the week before the trip saved my life. Other than while sleeping, I wore it for 3 whole days. The first day I just let my socks get wet and it wasn’t too bad… but the second day I tried putting freezer ziplock bags over my socks, tucked into my wetsuit and my feet stayed dry all day!


IMG_0659_1Do you see a tiny orange dot sitting on a rock to the right of the waterfall? It’s a mini pumpkin. Someone placed mini pumpkins and various tiny squashes on rocks all the way down the river. I counted 62 and then lost track. Some were in easy to reach places like this one and other were really high on rock cliffs that make you wonder how someone safely put it there!

IMG_0660_1See the blue boat on the left shore? It’s been there for months. Somebody got their boat stuck, swam down the rapid and was forced to leave the boat. This rapid is a class 5 because there is only one path you can go to get through successfully and if you miss it you loose your boat. We, like everyone else, got out of the boat to hike up the rock and analyze the rapid. Thankfully, Lucas had done this before so he knew how to do it and explained it to Kyle so both of our boats made it safely through! Also, there was a little pumpkin inside the mood shaped rock : )



IMG_0673_1We stopped at a lodge, hiked up to explore the “Rogue Museum” and eat ice cream.




IMG_0701_1I’m used to seeing deer in my yard but I’ve never had one grazing so close to me. It freaked me out a little. Only because of the small change he was a mean deer.












We took 13 pictures/selfies and the first one was the only one with everyone smiling and looking in the right direction : )

Thank you Brook family for such a great trip!!


Precoa 5K

Precoa hosted their first Health Fair and 5k during my first week on the job. It was fun to help out with a company event so quickly! And since I had to help I couldn’t run. Sad, right? : ) #bestexcuseever



I only got Brady to smile once but somehow as soon as it happened everyone else stopped! Maybe next time.


Note to self: Headstands don’t work well in jeans.


The event was scheduled on a day that school was out so we had tons of spouses and kids join the party.  This little boy, #91, was one of my favorite runners. He’s so cute, and he ran so far! The kids did a 1 mile fun run and I was impressed with how many actually ran the whole thing.



I thought it would be weird to work at the same company as my husband but I like it! We don’t work together directly but we get to see each other throughout the day and it’s wonderful : )

Also, I LOVE my job. I was born to plan parties. Can’t wait for the company holiday party!! I’ll post pictures.

Alfie’s Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party for a cat and it was the most well-planned birthday party I’ve been to in years! Ashley knows how to put a fun party together : ) There was a game of cat-jeopardy, cat cupcakes, a cake just for the cat of honor, 14 friends and cat presents. My personal favorite was the cat jeopardy game that Ashley and Robbie wrote the questions/answers to. So clever! Did you know that cats have 18 claws? I didn’t until this party!


Can’t wait for Alfie to turn 2!

Fall in Lake Oswego

Looking for housing in an unfamiliar city can be stressful. While we were in Provo trying to decide which part of Portland/which apartment we wanted to live in we ended up going with something close to Lucas’ job because determining his commute length was the only thing we felt like we could guarantee. It turns out that Lake Owsego, Oregon is an exceptionally great place to live : ) Here are a few shots of the street we live on during October.







Lee’s Pumpkin Patch

General Conference weekend is one of my favorites because we stay in our leggings as long as possible, listen to good talks and eat snacks. Normally food is not allowed anywhere near our bed, but for conference weekend we made an exception for Captain Crunch. On Sunday we made aebleskivers in between sessions but I forgot to take a picture. You’ll have to just believe me when I say they were delicious!IMG_0338_1

In between sessions of conference on Saturday we met up with some friends at Lee’s Farm to run around their pumpkin patch. I mostly went for the caramel apples and pumpkin doughnuts, but loved the whole place.


No body liked the warty “textured” pumpkins except for me…IMG_4927_1

IMG_4923_1 IMG_4969_1 IMG_4955_1 IMG_4980_1   IMG_4924_1

Portland Fashion Week


After organizing Provo Fashion Week in my college town and moving away I checked to see if my new city had a fashion week. Sure enough Portland Fashion Week exists! Although it is the 3rd oldest fashion week, behind LA and New York, Portland Fashion Week is no where near the size of the LA or New York productions. However, the event is still fairly large and is put on entirely by volunteers. I went to a preview event where the fall designers were announced and met the director, I told her I just graduated with a PR degree and am anxious to help where ever I am needed and she immediately put me in contact with the girl below! Joanna is the communications director for PFW, a tough job that she does as a volunteer. She’s wonderful.


The best part about volunteering? The best seat in the house. For free. I spent all three shows sitting next to these guys… They weren’t intimidated by my iPhone shots.


People watching is extra fun at gigs like these. The woman below was passing out little rolled up papers. I never got a chance to see one so I don’t know what her message was but she sure attracted a lot of attention. There’s a front and back shot just so you can get the full effect of her ensemble. The lights are my favorite part.



The final evening was a show put on by the students at the Art Institute of Portland, Fashion Design program. Instead of full collections, some students showed just one piece from a class assignment. There was a re-purposed denim project and the audience got to vote on the winner! My favorite is immediately below. The next two were also interesting contenders.





This next video is of one of the emerging designer winners. She is 15 years old. Here is my favorite piece from her collection. The bodice is covered with broken mirror pieces.


Just because I know you’ll want a closer look at it…


A cellist and dancer performed on the runway before the models came out.


For the next collection I should have videoed the runway show instead of the finale because it was much more interesting. These ladies actually cast fishing lures off the stage and someone hooked a fake fish on it for them to reel in : )IMG_0287_1