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Portland Bound

In Life on April 23, 2014 at 10:33 am

Last night Hannah planned a going away party for us and it was wonderful. Thanks to the strange weather, our backyard party turned into a party inside with all of our boxes. It was so fun to see all of our friends from home (CA) that live in Provo right now, plus the friends that feel like they are from home : ) We took pictures in the beginning to grab people who had to leave early and missed everyone who came after. So here’s a portion of the party!




I also made cupcakes that look like earths to celebrate Earth Day yesterday! They tasted good but looked a little weird, that’s why there’s no picture.

THANK YOU to everyone who came! We love (and miss already) you all!


We also had friends from Lucas’ mission (plus some) come over last week. We are so excited to move to a new place but sad that we can’t take all of these people with us!



In Life on April 20, 2014 at 8:54 pm


Happy Easter!

This holiday definitely deserves celebrating, so we are living vicariously through all the party posts and pictures of our friends. We wish we could have been at my parent’s giant Easter party yesterday! Or at least there for dinner today, because we all know that my dad cooks for 100+ people even if the party RSVP is only 40 and the leftovers are better than anything I can make.

Alas, we have had a party-free weekend. Productive. But partyless. We’ll make up for it next year : )

Lucas and I have taken several final exams this week, so now we each have one final left. We are SO CLOSE to being done! This week we have to take our last finals, pack up the entire apartment, deep clean the apartment, repaint parts of the apartment, attend graduation festivities, secure an apartment in Portland/Lake Oswego and say good-bye to all of our friends around here. We’ve started on the packing part… kind of.

Last night our kitchen sink backed up during my attempt to tackle our mountain of dishes. Lucas and I (mainly Lucas) tried to fix it but got frustrated so we left it and went to sleep (it was past 1 am or we would have kept trying). This morning we learned, thanks to YouTube, that a clogged sink could be fixed by a plunger. Brilliant. Worked instantly. All this sink business made me tired of dishes so I started packing parts of the apartment we wont need this week, specifically everything on our walls.

It turns out we have a lot of books. Books look great when they are on a shelf yet lose a lot of appeal once they are in a box. We have 4 small (large shoe box) and 2 medium sized boxes full of books and picture frames. Where did they all come from?

Our moving pod arrives on Wednesday afternoon and we have until Friday afternoon to fill it up. I can’t wait to see how we are going to fit everything in a 6′x7′x8′ metal box. Adult Tetris watch out! The adventure will definitely be Instagramed.

Also, I have this bad habit of making side dishes instead of entrees for meals. I find delicious looking side recipies on Pinterest and forget that a side dish isn’t a complete dinner. Haha so today my Easter dinner consisted of cilantro lime rice and left over chicken salad from lunch. Cooking has never been my talent, or Lucas’… we’re working on it.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy photo. It looks great on Lucas’ phone and somehow translated into this blurry image when I emailed it to myself. I’ll start bringing my real camera with me everywhere.

Tie Dye Friday

In DIY on April 13, 2014 at 7:09 pm

I want to post about the Provo Fashion Week shows SO BAD but I don’t have any pictures to include yet. They are coming soon and so is the post. Promise!

In other news, we had a tragic incident a few weeks ago. While doing laundry I decided not to check Lucas’ pants pockets because I know he hates carrying things in his pockets and figured there wouldn’t be anything to take out. Thanks to this decision, I washed a tube of chap stick along with our dark colored clothes and consequently ruined 5 or 6 wardrobe items. It was a sad moment.

Instead of throwing the ruined clothes away we decided to bleach tie dye them. After all, what do we have to lose? Our friend Josh came over and we had a bleaching party!

Pinterest helped us understand our tie dye pattern options and we went from there. I scrunched my dress into a straight line and rubber banded it in various spots, Josh pleated his shirt diagonally into a straight line then evenly banded it and Lucas had two shirts, one where he banded random little chucks of the entire shirt and the other he scrunched into a line like my dress. We bought a small bag of rubber bands (100 pieces!) for only 89 cents and the bleach was $1.98, both at the grocery store.




After the rubber bands are securely placed where you want them, soak the whole item in a sink or large bowl with a solution that is roughly 40% water 60% bleach. The stronger the bleach concentration is, the more distinct your pattern will be. This also goes for time: the longer you leave your shirt/whatever in the solution the more distinct your pattern will be. I didn’t want a super distinct pattern on my dress so I only kept it in the solution for about 5 minutes. Leave your piece in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes (your choice) then rinse it, still with the rubber bands in place.

Remove the rubber bands and rinse it again. Then wash and dry it for your finished product!

This all happened Friday night and I had planned to do laundry the next day so we let our clothes hang dry over night outside and I washed/dried them in the morning.


Josh’s shirt is the blue one. The yellow shirt is one of Lucas’ and there is no pattern on it at all. This is because he put the rubber bands on it rather loosely. IMG_1556_1


I wore my dress to church today. It looks better in person than it does in this crappy phone picture : )


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