AT&T Park

This is the beginning of our trip home for Shane’s wedding. Lucas had to be in various cities in California all week for work so he flew in before Monday but I just wanted to see family and go to Shane’s wedding so I didn’t fly in until Wednesday night. My dad picked me up from the airport and we went to dinner at Sky Sushi, my favorite restaurant, on the way home. When we left I had to lean my seat back in the car because I couldn’t sit up straight, my stomach was too full! I usually don’t eat a ton but this time I did. Dad said I ate more than him and I think he’s right! I just couldn’t get enough I guess. When we got home my mom had homemade caramel ready to drizzle over apples. She knew I really wanted to visit Apple Hill (mostly for a caramel apple) but we couldn’t go because of “King Fire.” My parents spoil me with food : )



Thursday morning I hung out with my brother-in-law and nieces and nephews. They are so entertaining. The picture below is of Jane. Apparently she loves wearing things and has already nailed the poker face. I don’t know why this picture makes me laugh so hard. Maybe because I can’t keep a straight face so I’m extra impressed that she can as a 1 year old. She wore those backpacks for almost an hour.


Joe and the kiddies dropped me off at the light rail station and off I went to meet Lucas in San Francisco to go to the Giants vs Padres game. This was an interesting experience for me because I’ve been on public transit less times than I have fingers. Don’t worry, I made it safely to the city and even got to ride on the top of a double decker bus! For those that need to travel from Sacramento to San Francisco, MegaBus is amazing. It costs $8 for a one-way ticket (cheaper than gas to get there), is a direct ride with no stops, has comfortable seats, a bathroom, free wifi and large windows : ) MegaBus also has several other routes.





Since we bought cheap tickets our seats had a lame/distant view of the game. So we spent the second half of the game standing behind people that paid a lot for their tickets : )




In addition to this hot chocolate corner, there are guys walking around the stadium with large backpack/tanks attached to their backs with hot chocolate in them. I chased one down to get a cup because I can’t yell loud enough to get anyone’s attention. I hate to say it but my tiny $6 hot chocolate was worth the money!


My father-in-law said he’d pay for our tickets if we got a picture with the mascot. Lou Seal never left the field so we couldn’t get to him! Does this picture count?? Someday we’ll meet him.

IMG_0140_1We stayed in a hotel south of the city and woke up to this wonderful view.


Precoa Company Picnic

IMG_4634_1The company picnic happened to fall on the BYU vs Texas game day so the BYU alumni (other than us, we’re not the biggest collegiate football fans) were all in their BYU blue. Lucas accidentally wore a blue shirt, but he also accidentally wore his Texas hat.





IMG_4786_1Mini sno cone truck. Hands down my favorite part of the party.










IMG_4645_1I ran around offering people sunscreen and everyone either already had some or didn’t want it. Sometimes I forget that most people don’t need spf 50 applied every 30 minutes.





IMG_4816_1Lucas got a BINGO and we won a Starbucks giftcard! Good thing we did because I’m hooked on those Pumpkin Steamers.


Willamette Shore Trolley

Volunteers from the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society (I had no idea that club existed until recently) conduct rides on the  vintage trolley below. This trolley only runs the weekends in September so we made sure to get a ride! The route is a 5 mile scenic ride along the Willamette River on a railway that was built in 1887. Such a fun, short thing to do in downtown Lake Oswego!





IMG_0018_1Thanks Kelsey for taking this photo on your phone. I think I enjoyed the ride more than anyone else… guilty!



IMG_4892_1We enjoyed watching the conductors because you could tell they were loving every second of their job. After all, they volunteered every Saturday and Sunday during September just to sharing this vintage trolley experience with locals. Talk about dedication!

IMG_4874_1The original railway stop light!


IMG_4883_1I wish this trolley ride was available all year so we could come back and experience all the different seasons this way.

IMG_4847_1Wow. Could we be any more pale?

Modern Man

Lucas has made me cut his hair since he got back from his mission. Although willing to do it, I always get nervous because I have no idea how to cut hair let alone cut it into a specific style. Around March he decided he wanted to grow his hair out so we haven’t cut it for several months. Lately his hair is so long he doesn’t know what to do with it, so we decided it needed to be cut but not by me. A friend recently got their hair cut at this place called The Modern Man and raved about his experience. We looked up yelp reviews and this place has 5 stars and 850+ reviews. No big deal.

Our experience was a 5 star too : )

When you walk in they off you a complimentary drink (beer, soda or water) and shoeshine (only at the Mississippi location). The dress shoes Lucas wore that day needed a good shoe shine so getting a free one was a huge plus!







The barber put more product in his hair than Lucas would normally do so this is a slicked version of his cut. Believe it or not, his hair on top is still pretty long. Clean, fresh cut!

Labor Day

On Labor Day weekend Erin & Evan (siblings) flew to Minnesota so we kept their spouses, Caden & Kelsey, entertained :) Or you could say we just dragged them to all the things we were already planning on doing. Either way, it was a great weekend.

Friday we went to a root beer float party at a park on Lake Oswego + we got them to play Scrabble for the first time in their lives. Saturday we tasted and judged (what seemed like) a million grilled cheese sandwiches + went to Salt & Straw for ice cream. Sunday we ate pazookies (more dessert!) and played games. Monday we went to a church picnic (love free lunch!) + we shopped the Woodburn Outlet sales (I got a Fossil wallet for $20!) + Lucas and I bought a bed!

Monday morning before the picnic, Lucas and I went to 6 different stores looking for a new mattress. We figured Labor Day weekend was the best time to get a good deal but several of the stores didn’t seem to know or care that it was Labor Day. We didn’t find any amazing deals in the morning so we went on with our day and found one later. The store we found was going out of business and liquidating everything. There was a sign that said, “give us a reasonable offer and we’ll take it.” So we did and they did. Next thing you know we’re strapping a new mattress set to the top of our Mazda 3 hatchback. Classy. We know.


Real friends help you test out mattresses and then help you secure one to the top of your little car when you buy one. Thanks Caden and Kelsey!




We made it home safe thanks to back roads. I don’t even want to know what would have happened if we had to take this on the freeway!IMG_0838_1

Grilled Cheese

Last Saturday we had an unusual but entertaining dining experience. But I forgot my camera so these iPhone photos will have to do.

East Burn, a restaurant/bar in Portland, hosted the 1st annual Grilled Cheese Invitational, a golf-like competition between 9 different grilled-cheese-selling restaurants in the city where the proceeds go to the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. The event raised over $4000 for PWCL! Where did the idea for this random event come from? A disrespectful Yelp review.

Sometime in July a man left a 5 star Yelp review for East Burn praising their grilled cheese and joking about abortion. The restaurant owner commented on the review, reprimanding the man for his distasteful attitude towards women and said that because of this review East Burn would donate all proceeds from their grilled cheese sandwiches to the PWCL during the month of August. Someone posted a picture of the trashy review and owner’s response on Facebook and it spread like crazy (locally). As a result, East Burn sold far more grilled cheese sandwiches during August than usual. To take the fundraiser to the next level, 9 local restaurants that have a grilled cheese on their menu came together for a cook-off of sorts. We paid $20 to get in, $10 went to the PWCL and the other $10 paid for the food.

Kelsey and her sister (who was only in town for the weekend) came with us : )

photo 1-1_1

Some sandwiches had poached pears and cheese that I can’t pronounce while other had bacon or pulled pork. Each bite was a new adventure, that’s for sure. I’m surprised none of the restaurants used sourdough bread. Lucas and I always make our grilled cheese on sourdough : )

photo 3-1_1

photo 5_1

The place filled up really fast so even though we arrived on time we were left with only one seating option, Swinging chairs. Just in case you’re wondering, swinging chairs make dinner exceptionally entertaining.

photo 1_1


photo 3_1

The 1st Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational winner was The Cheese Plate! I think I remember there’s being really good but after 9 different samples it’s difficult to keep them all straight.

Oregon Symphony

Free concert in the park? You can count on us being there : ) To kick off Labor Day weekend, the Oregon Symphony held a free concert on the waterfront downtown. The program started at 2:30 pm with various performers all afternoon, but we didn’t arrive until 7 when the actual symphony played and of course we stayed until the end to see the fireworks!IMG_4547_1

IMG_4548_1I’m a little embarrassed to admit that we ate that plate of fries for dinner. They were yummy though : )


IMG_4565_1I LOVE watching the bridge move up and down. The barge the bridge moved for is where all the fireworks were launched.

The mayor of Portland, Charlie Hales, was the guest conductor for “The Stars and Stripes.” Mom, listening to this song made me miss playing it with you!

IMG_4568_1Special performance by two of the best from the Oregon Ballet. It was beautiful. Even though we were so far away we could barely see them.



I’m on a softball team. I never thought I’d be able to say that. Some people from Precoa started a team and we’re on it! I’m more of a part time team member, part time team photographer. My favorite part is the uniform, specifically the hat. I finally have my own baseball hat!

Back to softball. This has been so much fun! Our final game was last week and we placed 2nd in our division!

It’s amazing how much more time we have now that we don’t have a game or two per week. But it was great while it lasted!

Since I have 280+ pictures from throughout the season, here are some favorites : )
















Here’s the only video I took.


This was before we got our jerseys, obviously. But I love the picture!

IMG_3938_1Shalece (and Aubrey too) was a great score keeper!