Classic Car & Boat Show

Lake Oswego is full of classy (mostly older) folks, so we weren’t surprised when we heard the city has an annual classic car and boat show : )

Here’s a great excuse to be outside for a little while and take pictures of strangers’ cars!







This Rolls Royce reminds me of Annie. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow!” IMG_4355_1






Almost every boat at the event was some variation of the wooden boat below. They were made in the 50s and 60s and apparently are a favorite. The “Sadie Rose” above was one of the only non-wooden boats.



Lucas calls us efficient event goers because we love to attend local events but we’re not the lingering type. For example, we’ve been looking forward to this car show for a few weeks but only spent an hour there when the time came. We go, we explore and then we leave. This is the only way we can fit in so many adventures during the week!

Plus, we’re the whitest of the white so we can’t be in the sun for very long. Thats why we took our selfie in the shade : )

Lazy Saturday

Saturday was designated our productive day of the week for homework and a neglected to-do list. Before all that we had a great morning! We played tennis with Evan and Kelsey, then stopped at 5 different garage sales on our way to Ross. Why did we go to Ross? Keep reading.

Friday I returned a set of curtains to Ross and while I was there I found a cute pair of leggings that were EXTREMELY soft and $5.99. Had to buy them. Later when Lucas felt them he said he wanted some. So we went back the next day.

After he tried on a pair, Lucas walked out of the dressing room and said, “I want several pairs. This is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.” Since there were so many patterns to choose from it took us a while to get out of the store, but we left with 6 pairs. One size fits all : ) Crazy that they fit both of us perfectly.

Spending $40 on leggings was one of the best choices we’ve made all summer. If you don’t agree, it’s because you haven’t tried on a pair. These leggings have changed my life for the better.


As the weather starts to cool you can bet we’ll be in these whenever we are home : )

IMG_4331_1We were productive once we got home, don’t worry : )

Here’s our break from Lucas’ homework and my projects/to-do list: cuddling wearing the most comfortable leggings in the world and watching the Giants game.

Chalk Party

About a month ago I bought a box of chalk, because well it’s summer and chalk is a great thing. I told all of my friends about it and no one seemed to be as excited as me… haha I guess it’s expected that adults are not thrilled by chalk. So I told the little girls who live next door we should have a chalk party. We have the cutest neighbors! This family with 4 little girls are always so happy and friendly!

We finally had our party! The evidence is below : )





The youngest, Avonlea, is too young to really know what chalk is so the older sisters, their mom and I decorated the sidewalk. Meet, Kaitlyn, Ella and Cambri : )


…because you can’t make chalk pictures on the sidewalk unless you’re in a princess dress : )

Kaitlin said, “take a picture of my funny face” and then did this. Haha never boring!

IMG_4311_1The next day someone knocks on our door. These three little girls each held up a gift for me. So cute! I was even craving chocolate chips right then! Thanks ladies!

Timbers Match

The Timbers is Portland’s MLS team. We’ve wanted to go to a game but never got around to it until a friend from home offered us free tickets. Peter is a river guide that Lucas worked with in California and he comes to Portland sometimes to visit family. While here this time, he ran into someone who works for Nike who had a bunch of tickets to the Timbers vs Chivas USA and gave him some. We had no idea the free tickets Peter had were $175 exclusive Nike patio area tickets. Our view of the game was amazing! Thanks Peter! Just so you know, we would have still been thrilled with free cheap seats : )IMG_4247_1




The “Timbers Army” is the massive, very enthusiastic Timbers fan base. Apparently they are known to be the best MLS team fans. If nothing else I’m sure they are the most dedicated. On the small stage to the left are chant leaders who keep the fans singing/shouting the entire game. They have enough cheers and enough energy to continue yelling and jumping for 3 hours. Honestly it’s impressive. The picture above and video below capture the crazy that happens when the Timbers score but they are just as enthusiastic throughout the whole game, minus the smoke and flags.

Also, every time the Timbers score a lumber-jack-looking man comes out with a chainsaw and cuts off a slice of the log. (located right below the Timbers Army banner). It’s pretty cool.



Bite of Oregon

When we first moved here everyone we met would say something like, “Welcome to Portland! Have you tried _(Their favorite restaurant)_ yet?” Portland is known to be a hub for great food and everyone here is proud of it. Or at least is seems to be a popular conversation topic. Honestly there are SO many places to eat around here we could live here for 25+ years and never try them all.

The Bite of Oregon is a festival on the waterfront where several local food trucks, catering companies, restaurants, farms, etc come together to celebrate food!

Let’s be real, we went for the free samples.

We left with a free hat from both Foster Farms and Sparkling ICE, free greek yogurt, samples of jerky/salsa/pretzels/sparkling ice/steamers chicken alfredo/etc. Also, Evan and Kelsey got a free trip to a resort! We would have too but Lucas isn’t 25 just yet. Boo. We’ll get one next year : )


The friendliest blueberry in the world. Right here.IMG_4219_1


Free clear visors from Sparkling ICE! I was so excited to shade my eyes from the sun and quickly realized these visors brighten everything. But I liked it so much I wore it until we got our next free hat : )



Peach Boba Slushy!!



I took a picture of the Alfred chicken we got free samples of but food tastes much better than it looks. So… here’s the menu of available samples!


IMG_4236_1This is me telling Kelsey that her ponytail and hat combo looks cuter than mine, and like the humble person she is, she’s denying it : )


1st Thursday in the Pearl: Art Gallery Walk

During the summer/nice weather months the 1st Thursday of each month all of the art galleries in the Pearl District are free to visit and often have special guests, treats, etc. We finally were in town and free on a first Thursday so we went!

Parking downtown is always interesting. We happened to find a spot right next to a waxing salon that was celebrating their grand opening! They had free food and free skin products. I’m so happy we parked there.




Every symbol on this canvas was individually painted. There were 6 others in a gallery with the same details. I guess patience was only given to certain people and I’m pretty sure I’m not one of those people.


This wonderful lady created the photo shirt. She hand stitched all of those photos together. I’m glad we got to talk to her and hear about her inspiration for this project.

The art galleries close at various times but most are done before 9. Since we got a late start on the event we weren’t able to see all of the galleries but the street vendors are out late so we still got to see them!



This (seemingly very young) musician was singing and playing guitar with a sign that says “Help me get to San Francisco to try out for American Idol.” The covers he played sounded great, but I’m pretty sure you have to be 17 to audition for American Idol and he looked closer to 14 years old… Either way, he made a ton of tips and I hope he gets to try out!


This “Gaea Soul” duo plays at the Last Thursday on Albert so we recognized them. His cello skills are incredible.


I laughed so hard when I read, “This ain’t made in Salt Lake City,” because growing up in California I didn’t know what fry sauce was until I visited Utah and assumed that only Utahans knew about it. Apparently Oregonians love fry sauce too.IMG_4197_1

Late night fries? Thanks Little Big Burger for being open when we were hungry at 10 pm.

Portland Fashion Week Launch Party

A few weeks ago I talked Lucas, Evan & Kelsey into coming to a Portland Fashion Week event with me. This is the night that all the designers showing collections in the fall runway show were announced so we had to go! Plus, I really wanted to meet the director.

Portland Fashion Week




Meet Jessica, the Director and Co-Owner of Portland Fashion Week! She is incredible. About ten years ago Portland Fashion Week fell apart and dwindled for years. Jessica revived this extraordinary semi-annual event and it has been rapidly growing for 4 years now. Her entire staff, everyone from marketing and social media to community outreach and event ushers, are volunteers. See? Incredible.

After meeting her I emailed her and asked if she could use any PR help. She said yes and put me in contact with the PFW marketing manager who I am now assisting. I’m so excited to help out with this event!

IMG_4086_1This girl had the most beautiful braid so I had to sneak a picture of it! Someday I’ll figure out how to make my hair do that.